Slimmer Custom Logo Watches for Women’s

IT MAY SURPRISE some to learn that wristwatches were originally created for women. Embraced by royalty in the 1800s, they functioned more as graceful jewelry than mechanisms to tell time.  Delicacy eventually gave way to bulk. Witness the oversize watch trend popular throughout the past decade (when a woman in a man’s Rolex defined a certain kind of chic). Luckily for fans of the refined, the pendulum has swung back: The newest models are so slender and light, they might just take flight.

When selecting a custom logo watch for as an award or gift item for women (or men), ask your representative for suggestions on the most popular trends and styles.  Seiko, Bulova & Citizen modify their watch selections each year to adapt to the current fashion choices..  Although some popular styles remain in their collections.

Custom logo watches are used by large corporations and small companies as a high value award.   Prices can range from under $50.00 to over $1,000.00.  Each watch is custom printed with a full color logo onto the dial.  Most watches are available with a metal or leather adjustable band.