Logo Watches Motivate Miracle Ear

Hearing is essential to full enjoyment and participation in life. Unfortunately, today 1 in 10 Americans — over 30 million people — experience some degree of hearing loss. Hearing loss is the third leading chronic health condition among Americans, after arthritis and high blood pressure.

According to a recent study, people with hearing loss who choose to hear better by using hearing aids say their decision made significant improvements in many areas of their lives. From closer relationships at home to greater independence in social settings, the study of over 2,000 adults with hearing loss clearly concludes that hearing aids improve lives.

One of the leaders in digital hearing enhancement technology is the Miracle Ear Company.  Their new ClearVation technology platform, combines innovations in clarity and comfort, while providing a personalized listening experience for each and every individual.

Miracle Ear Company sells their hearing aids through a national network of authorized franchises.  Each year the top franchises are rewarded with a week long confernece and vacation.  This year the event was held in Las Vegas at the Mirage Hotel.  The executives at Miracle Ear provide a memorable recognition gift each year to the receipients.   The senior management of Miracle Ear contacted Mirage Marketing for suggestions about executive logo watches which could be customized for each attendee.

Mirage Marketing’s sales department suggested an elegant Pulsar dress watch which could be styled for both men & women.  The Miracle Ear logo would be prominently printed on the watch face in the exact colors requested.

Pulsar Watch Co. produces a wide variety of men’s and women’s logo watches.  Pulsar (a division of Seiko) manufactures all of their watches in Japan using the highest quality materials.  All Pulsar watches feature solid leather or stainless steel bands.  These watches can be designed with simple or complex printed  dials featuring custom logos or company names. 

Mirage Marketing offers full logo design and printing services.  Each order is custom designed, and prior to production is reviewed by over 6 separate quality control personnel.  All Pulsar watches feautre a limited warantty for 5 years.