Logo Watches from Seiko

SEIKO believes that the wristwatch is an intimate accessory. The best watches live in harmony and interact with the wearer, and their functions offer a reassuring and emotionally satisfying bond.  SEIKO’s technological development is focused on the creation of ’emotional technologies.  Emotional technology creates the interaction between the wearer and the product.
Seiko manufactures 4 basic style of watches:  Mechanical,  Quartz, Kinetic, Spring Drive.  To further Seiko’s commitment to the environment, more and more watches are manufactured with the solar technologies.  Spring Drive is the most important new movement created by SEIKO since the quartz Astron in 1969. It is based on the foundation of all mechanical watch technology, a mainspring, but uses an entirely new system for time regulation that delivers the equivalent of 1 second per day accuracy, and, uniquely features, glide-motion hands that represent the continuous, even motion of time.
Seiko also produces a select group of watches exclusively for the Special Markets industry.  These logo watches have dials that can accommodate a custom imprint.  yhst-15307108528362_2263_6752879You can select from a large collection of watches with leather bands or stainless steel bands.  Custom imprinted information can include company logos  or product brand names.  These logo watches have the same quality manufacturing and Seiko’s full guarantee.  Most of Seiko’s Special Market collection is available in both men’s and women’s watch models.