Custom Sport Watches

Last week I was watching the tennis match from Wimbledon England.  It was an exciting battle between 2 great athletes.  But what surprised me the most was that the players were wearing watches during the matches.

Over the last 20 years, watch manufacturers have redesigned their products with a greater sense of fashion rather than only functionality.  Sport watches are available in vibrant colors, extra-large dials and a wide array of timing options.

These watches are worn by both men & women for both a simple time piece as well as a fashion item.  Most watch manufactures are offering sport watches in both men’s and women’s styling .

yhst-15307108528362_2263_6082079Custom sport watches have been available for many years, but now can be designed with many options and features.  One popular style is the digital watch which normally features a numeric time display, an alarm, stop watch and date indicator.  These custom watches can have a company name boldly printed on the face or band.


Most digital sport watches are inexpensive, usually less than $25.00 each and can be purchased in many different color options.  Other custom watches have a casual recreation appearance but are low cost.  These are designed more traditional features such as a dial face with 2 or 3 hands.  Advantages of this style are large dials which can accommodate a more complex customized imprint