Resort Gift Shops Feature Custom Logo Watches

In the past hotels & resorts have traditionally generated revenue from hotel room rates.  With internet options such as Expedia, consumers can pick and choose room pricing more carfefully which has driven room rates lower and lower.  Hotels and resorts have been searching for other sources of income.

Many years ago hotels began offering higher quality restaurants featuring expensive wines and other options.  Some resorts added other amenities such as spas, nightly entertainment and recreational options.

Hotels and resorts also offered a small gift shop which stocked a spartan selection of items such as food, sodas, clothing and sun tan lotion.  Over the past 10 years as traditional revenue has declined many hotels and resorts have recognized that the gift shop can generate additional revenue.

Many gifts shop now offer imprinted merchandise which are popular mementos for the guests.  And one of the most popular items sold in the stores are custom logo watches.  These watches have a colorful imprinted logo onto the watch face usually featuring the name of the hotel or resort.  Most stores offer a selection of sports watches for both men and women.  The prices can range from $29.95 to several hundred dollars.

Hotel guests love custom logo watches because they are practical, fun, inexpensive and a great reminder of their trip or vacation.