Changing American Custom Logo Watch Tastes Over The Last 20 Years

The custom watch market is overwhelming and bursting at the seams, thanks largely to the internet. The internet offers nearly unlimited selection of watches, buyers, sellers, outlets and channels to find watches. There’s comfort in having access to so much information, as well as people that are so willing to share their knowledge and passion. The ability of a motivated consumer to empower themselves with information, compare prices, better understand the models, and find any information is unparalleled than at any other point in our history. That and the fact that there is now such a big segmentation between what is defined as a jewelry/fashion type watch vs a luxury watch is in greatest contrast to 1995.

One of the scariest developments is the internet’s ability to allow anyone to be anything. Spawning legions of faceless and nameless sellers using nothing more than stock photography or shamelessly stolen photos to advertise custom logo watches they may or may not have or that may or not be authentic, let alone new or complete. Too many people believe because it’s on the internet it must be accurate or true and being a sucker for a great deal, they defy their instincts and common sense only to find themselves getting scammed or mislead. The key to harnessing the power of the internet as it relates to watch buying is to do your homework and know the person you are doing business with.

When ordering custom logo watches, verify the background of the seller. One of the largest custom logo watch designers is (   Make sure they are an authorized distributor.  Usually these companies are members of a national organization called ASI (Adverting Specialty Institute).

The watches of the mid 90’s have virtually nothing in common with the most popular and desirable watches of today. In 1995, the watches that were visible and relevant were for the most part quartz/battery operated, smaller watches of around 35mm or so, and were a product of fashion and jewelry tastes offered by brands like Gucci, Movado and Raymond Weil.

Today’s luxury watches, that category itself has been re-defined to exclude quartz/battery operated watches and essentially watches that have evolved from a jewelry/fashion trend set