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Employee Recognition with Custom Watches

Posted by Rob Greenberg

Most medium and large companies have established employee recognition programs.  Sometimes an employee will be mentioned in the company newsletter or at a company function or meeting.  Customize gifts are a classy way to say thanks especially in the fourth quarter.

When designing awards for employees it’s important to keep the company’s branding in mind but remember that awards are most effective when they have a personal touch .

Custom watches are a great way to recognize high performing employees.  Many companies use custom watches to celebrate sales achievements or to memorialize a special event such as the opening of a new office building opening or new product launch.

Top watch brands such as Seiko, Pulsar and Bulova present the best way to use custom logo watches.  Each of these brands offer high quality watches that can be customized with a company logo or brand name.  Or the watches can be fully customized with an engraved with the recipient names on the back of the watch.

It’s most important that the watch choice be sophisticated and high quality and always have at least a 3 year warranty.  Most custom logo watches are also available for both men and women in matching style.

Best Custom Logo Watches for Corporate Clients

Posted by Rob Greenberg

How do you select a custom logo watch for your company?

After determining which type of watches best fits your company or promotion, choose several watch options that fulfill your style  & budget.

All custom logo watches manufactured by national brands are  high quality items with quartz movements , stainless steel bands, gift boxes and 3-5 year guarantees.  Low cost promotional watches will vary in their styling, materials and guarantees.

One custom logo watch style that remains popular is the Seiko executive watch.  It’s clean simple face offers a white surface which will accommodate any logo or imprint.  Many Seiko watches are  available in a men’s and women’s style.

Custom logo watches are a great way to add prestige to a corporate promotion or award.  A financial services company rewarded their top producers with a first-class all expenses paid trip to the Bahamas.  The trip planner also selected a custom logo Bulova watch to be presented to each employee at the awards reception.

Custom logo watches represent a lasting impression.  Their high perceived value serves as a reminder that the recipient is a valued employee.  A custom watch is also a daily reminder that your employees are recognized for their achievement and are special to your company.



Resort Gift Shops Feature Custom Logo Watches

Posted by Rob Greenberg

In the past hotels & resorts have traditionally generated revenue from hotel room rates.  With internet options such as Expedia, consumers can pick and choose room pricing more carfefully which has driven room rates lower and lower.  Hotels and resorts have been searching for other sources of income.

Many years ago hotels began offering higher quality restaurants featuring expensive wines and other options.  Some resorts added other amenities such as spas, nightly entertainment and recreational options.

Hotels and resorts also offered a small gift shop which stocked a spartan selection of items such as food, sodas, clothing and sun tan lotion.  Over the past 10 years as traditional revenue has declined many hotels and resorts have recognized that the gift shop can generate additional revenue.

Many gifts shop now offer imprinted merchandise which are popular mementos for the guests.  And one of the most popular items sold in the stores are custom logo watches.  These watches have a colorful imprinted logo onto the watch face usually featuring the name of the hotel or resort.  Most stores offer a selection of sports watches for both men and women.  The prices can range from $29.95 to several hundred dollars.

Hotel guests love custom logo watches because they are practical, fun, inexpensive and a great reminder of their trip or vacation.

Slimmer Custom Logo Watches for Women’s

Posted by Rob Greenberg

IT MAY SURPRISE some to learn that wristwatches were originally created for women. Embraced by royalty in the 1800s, they functioned more as graceful jewelry than mechanisms to tell time.  Delicacy eventually gave way to bulk. Witness the oversize watch trend popular throughout the past decade (when a woman in a man’s Rolex defined a certain kind of chic). Luckily for fans of the refined, the pendulum has swung back: The newest models are so slender and light, they might just take flight.

When selecting a custom logo watch for as an award or gift item for women (or men), ask your representative for suggestions on the most popular trends and styles.  Seiko, Bulova & Citizen modify their watch selections each year to adapt to the current fashion choices..  Although some popular styles remain in their collections.

Custom logo watches are used by large corporations and small companies as a high value award.   Prices can range from under $50.00 to over $1,000.00.  Each watch is custom printed with a full color logo onto the dial.  Most watches are available with a metal or leather adjustable band.



Ordering Tips for Custom Logo Watches

Posted by Rob Greenberg

Here are a few tips when selecting custom logo watches from your ASI authorized distributor


1.  When discussing a potential promotion, provide as many details as you can from the start such as budgets, delivery dates, quantities and timing

2.  Be realistic about budgets…..purchasing a name brand custom logo watch requires a minimum of $100.00 or more per item

3.  Design your logo to fit onto a watch face–try to keep the design simple

4.  Consider your audience carefully – it’s important to consider choosing an unisex watch or a men’s and women’s model.

5.  Always ask the supplier about logo formats — the optimum artwork should be provided in an EPS or AI file

6.  Always request a full color proof of the custom logo watch design prior to full production.

Noble Energy Awards Employees with Custom Logo Watches

Posted by Rob Greenberg

Founded by Lloyd Noble in 1932, Noble Energy has 80 years of success in the energy industry. As one of the first independent producers to explore in the Gulf of Mexico, the company helped shape the industry and its own future success.

Today, Noble Energy is an S&P 500 company with reserves of 1.4 billion barrels of oil equivalent and assets totaling over $19 billion at year-end 2013. Recognized for innovation, flexibility, exploration proficiency and our technical capabilities in developing hydrocarbon resources, we have an impressive record of success in various regions of the world. We have core operations onshore in the U.S. (primarily in the DJ Basin and the Marcellus Shale), in the deepwater Gulf of Mexico, offshore Eastern Mediterranean and offshore West Africa.

In the late summer of 2014 Noble Energy successfully drilled for natural gas in western Pennsylvania.  The well reached record depths.  To reward the employees who worked on the site, Nobel Energy contacted for assistance in producing a custom logo watch.  The watch selected was a Citizen Eco-Drive model with a black face for the men.  The women received a Citizen Eco-Drive model with a white face.  Both were custom logo watches had the the Nobel Energy logo printed onto the dial



Changing American Custom Logo Watch Tastes Over The Last 20 Years

Posted by Rob Greenberg

The custom watch market is overwhelming and bursting at the seams, thanks largely to the internet. The internet offers nearly unlimited selection of watches, buyers, sellers, outlets and channels to find watches. There’s comfort in having access to so much information, as well as people that are so willing to share their knowledge and passion. The ability of a motivated consumer to empower themselves with information, compare prices, better understand the models, and find any information is unparalleled than at any other point in our history. That and the fact that there is now such a big segmentation between what is defined as a jewelry/fashion type watch vs a luxury watch is in greatest contrast to 1995.

One of the scariest developments is the internet’s ability to allow anyone to be anything. Spawning legions of faceless and nameless sellers using nothing more than stock photography or shamelessly stolen photos to advertise custom logo watches they may or may not have or that may or not be authentic, let alone new or complete. Too many people believe because it’s on the internet it must be accurate or true and being a sucker for a great deal, they defy their instincts and common sense only to find themselves getting scammed or mislead. The key to harnessing the power of the internet as it relates to watch buying is to do your homework and know the person you are doing business with.

When ordering custom logo watches, verify the background of the seller. One of the largest custom logo watch designers is (   Make sure they are an authorized distributor.  Usually these companies are members of a national organization called ASI (Adverting Specialty Institute).

The watches of the mid 90’s have virtually nothing in common with the most popular and desirable watches of today. In 1995, the watches that were visible and relevant were for the most part quartz/battery operated, smaller watches of around 35mm or so, and were a product of fashion and jewelry tastes offered by brands like Gucci, Movado and Raymond Weil.

Today’s luxury watches, that category itself has been re-defined to exclude quartz/battery operated watches and essentially watches that have evolved from a jewelry/fashion trend set

Logo Watch Design Factors for Good Branding

Posted by Rob Greenberg

The design on your custom logo watch is the visual symbol of your brand. It encapsulates your identity and creates a sense of trust and familiarity in the minds of your audience. Whether you are starting a new business or revamping your current branding you can assess your logo design with the following 6 important factors in mind to see if your logo is up to the task of being the beacon of your brand.


1. Is It Appropriate?
Your logo design should be an integral part of your branding and feel consistent with all of your other visual assets. As well as being appropriate as a symbol of your company it should also feel authentic to your industry. Choose symbols carefully to avoid any disconnect between your audience and their perception of your products or services.

2. Think Minimalism
Trying to cram too much on a custom logo watch and it will end up making it look cluttered and confusing, especially when used in smaller sizes. Avoid photographs or images that include text or lots of fine details as these not only lose clarity when used in small dimensions but can also become irrelevant as your business grows over the years. Try to stick to one, simple shape or symbol for the maximum clarity and longevity.

3. Keep It Clear
Don’t compromise a clear graphic logo by applying special effects such as drop shadows, bevelling or patterns. Subtle effects can quickly be lost or distorted across devices and platforms and can reduce the effectiveness of an otherwise fine logo design.

4. Color Carries Meaning
Colors carry meaning and can create an immediate impression of your brand. For example, orange and yellow give a feeling of fun and energy, while blue and gray inspire trust and authority. Intensity of color can also convey meaning, with soft pastel shades traditionally being chosen in the beauty and health industries with neon colors picked by brands that want to make a bold impression. Flat color blocks will be more visually effective than subtle shading and grading effects.

5. Make It Multi-purpose
Your logo design needs to work in a variety of different dimensions. It should withstand being blown up to billboard proportions but agile enough to still look great when squeezed into a tiny box on social media. A professionally created vector graphic will scale properly where a graphic file can become distorted when resized. Likewise, lots of fine detail and text will quickly make your logo illegible when shrunk to fit small dimensions.

6. Protect Your Brand
If you have worked hard to create a logo to be proud of, protect it by taking the time to write up brand guidelines that instruct your staff, affiliates, media and any other third parties how to use your logo. Guidelines can include the exact CYMK or RGB details of each colour, the scale and white-spacing around each of the elements of your logo as well as the use of any strap-line you have.

Don’t forget one last key element of your custom  logo watch design: you need to love it! Try out different variations with your logo designer until you are completely satisfied. Your logo is one of the most visible elements of your business, and you need to feel a sense of pride each time you see it.

Fashion Logo Watches Become Simpler

Posted by Rob Greenberg

After a decade of muscular dominance, feature-packed custom logo watches and complication-laden wrist trophies are being put aside in favor of simpler models. Think sleek and elegant timepieces that are smaller than a sundial, and can be operated without a Ph.D.


Even complicated-watch fans are starting to acknowledge the absurdity of certain gizmos, according to Sol Meller, president of Feldmar Watch Company, a retailer in Los Angeles “I think clients still appreciate the designs of the heavier, bulkier pieces, but they’re saying they don’t need the extras,” said Mr. Meller. “They don’t need a tachymeter”—a complication that measures the speed the wearer is moving over a given distance. “They’d rather have something that fits under their sleeve.”

Another advantage of time-only custom logo watches can, of course, be their relatively affordable prices. A solid entry option in the dress category is Seiko’s Executive, which goes for $250 (with a metal bracelet). Then again, since watches like these are the antithesis of trendy, there’s a case for making a smart investment in a Movado or Bulova.

Some complications really can make a  custom logo watch more useful. Repeater watches, which chime the hours and minutes with tiny hammers and gongs at the push of a button, were a necessary function when only candles dimly lit our nights. Today, the orderly, gentle sound of repeaters offer aural respite from the noise of modern life and come in handy when you can’t find your cellphone during a blackout.

How to Buy Custom Logo Watches

Posted by Rob Greenberg

If you’ve decided to purchase a custom logo watch for your company or event there are several ways to begin the process.   The most reliable source for quality custom logo watches is an authorized advertising specialty distributor.  These privately owned companies employee promotional specialists with many years of experience.  In addition, these companies work directly with the watch manufacturers and have extensive knowledge of the best watch choices.

Custom logo watches are usually printed with company names or logos.  This printing process is complicated and requires years of experience to design the printing die and matching exact company colors for the logo.  Some jewelry stores will suggest that they have the ability to custom print a watch, but they don’t have the same experience as an authorized distributor.

Finally, when you choose a distributor for your custom logo watch selection, ask them several questions.  Make sure they can offer for different options of national branded watch manufacturers.  Or if you have a limited budget, ask the distributor to suggest watches in a lower price range.






Where to Buy Custom Logo Watches

Posted by Rob Greenberg

If you need to purchase custom logo watches, the best method is to contact an authorized advertising specialty distributer. Typically these are small companies that represent a wide range of manufacturers of advertising and promotional merchandise.

For example if you have decided to purchase custom logo watches for your company or event these professional companies will offer a wide range of custom logo watch choices. additionally they will provide assistance with logo design techniques.  Most professional companies represent all national brands as well as low cost budget watches.

Custom logo watches can be decorated in simple one color designs or with complicated logos. Pricing for custom logo watches can range from $6.95 to over $1,000.00. Nationally recognized brands such as Seiko, Pulsar & Bulova all offer high quality watches that can be custom decorated with company logos. Budget and low cost custom logo watches are also available.

Groundbreaking Study Proves Power of Promo Products

Posted by Rob Greenberg

The Advertising Specialty Institute® (ASI) today released groundbreaking global research proving promotional products deliver commanding advertiser recall among an average of 82% of recipients in every international city surveyed.

Promotional products remain a high-impact, cost-effective ad medium allowing even small companies to achieve as high an ROI as major corporations, according to ASI’s latest study. The comprehensive cost analysis provides buyers and sellers of logoed pens, caps, T-shirts and other branded items with powerful data to convince clients world-wide that ad specialties can increase sales and brand exposure.

Study results show promo products are consistently popular and persistent, with most people owning about 10 items they generally keep for six months, a far longer time period than any other form of advertising.

Although the list of most popular promo products has changed over the last 10 years, shirts, caps, bags and custom watches remain in the top ten most yhst-15307108528362_2263_6752879requested items by businesses.  Logo or custom watches are available in a wide range of prices starting as low as $9.95.  Each  custom watch features a permanent printed logo featured subtly or boldly onto the watch dial.  Many higher end watches are available in both men’s & women’s models.

Custom watches from companies such as Bulova, Seiko or Citizen are valued by the recipient and owned for many years.  The watch is a permanent reminder of a business or event