How to Buy Custom Logo Watches

If you’ve decided to purchase a custom logo watch for your company or event there are several ways to begin the process.   The most reliable source for quality custom logo watches is an authorized advertising specialty distributor.  These privately owned companies employee promotional specialists with many years of experience.  In addition, these companies work directly with the watch manufacturers and have extensive knowledge of the best watch choices.

Custom logo watches are usually printed with company names or logos.  This printing process is complicated and requires years of experience to design the printing die and matching exact company colors for the logo.  Some jewelry stores will suggest that they have the ability to custom print a watch, but they don’t have the same experience as an authorized distributor.

Finally, when you choose a distributor for your custom logo watch selection, ask them several questions.  Make sure they can offer for different options of national branded watch manufacturers.  Or if you have a limited budget, ask the distributor to suggest watches in a lower price range.